Videos and Assemblies Toolkit

This toolkit includes the '15 minutes to save the Earth' interactive assembly resources; an 'Introduction To Busta And Pong's Mission' video and the 'Litter Things Matter' series of videos. There is also the Busta and Pong Recycling Song Pack.

Items included in this Toolkit
  • Busta And Pong's Introduction To The Mission Video
  • Busta And Pong Recycling Song Pack
  • Litter Things Matter - Episode 1 Video
  • Litter Things Matter - Episode 2 Video
  • Litter Things Matter - Episode 3 Video
  • Litter Things Matter - Episode 4 Video
  • Litter Things Matter Full (Episodes 1-4) Video
  • 15 minutes to save the Earth From Waste – An Interactive Assembly
  • Why Should We Recycle Presentation
  • Why Should We Recycle Plastic Presentation
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