Mission: Planet Earth

The Intergalactic Waste Federation has identified Earth as an endangered planet. Captain Busta and his trusty sidekick, Lieutenant Pong, are on a brave mission to protect the planet by reducing waste.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help children join the mission, by using Wastebuster resources with your pupils and eco-teams. May the eco-force be with you.

If you're a grown up, school, business, or local authority find out how you can get involved...

Join The Pod

Run by Wastebuster, the Pod is an award-winning global education platform for teachers, community group leaders and children.

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Switch off Fortnight

Join our popular energy saving campaign and use our online tool to calculate your school’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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Recycle to Read

Get your school to join the mission and get recycling tech, toys and textiles (new for 2022) to earn great book rewards!

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If you’re a publisher, toy company, retailer or licensor sign up at recycletoread.org to align your brand with environmental messaging and improve toy recyclability.

What's under your feet?

Learn more about how climate change is affecting the British bird population, and how you can help to protect our bird species.

Waste Week 2022

Bring waste topics to life and measure how much your whole school community can save by taking part in this popular campaign.


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If you are interested in supporting us or joining our affiliate programme please email us at info@wastebuster.co.uk. You can find out more information in our Partnerships Guide and Presentation.

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