London 2012 Sport into Schools

Stakeholders and Partners

In the lead up to and the delivery of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, interest in sport was naturally high. Wastebuster used the opportunity to divert textiles from going into landfill or being incinerated by initiating a UK wide textile recycling campaign in exchange for sports equipment.


To help activate textile recycling schemes in schools and promote education through social entertainment, as to why textile recycling is important.

Wastebuster characters were used to deliver adventure movies focusing on the importance of recycling in conjunction with visits by characters alongside celebrities, sports personalities and olympians. This was part of a UK-wide roadshow and encouraged children, their families and the whole school community to get involved and bring textiles into schools in exchange for sports equipment.

  • 224
  • 114,792 kilograms
  • 45,916.80 pounds
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