Home Recycling Challenge

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With no standardised recycling system currently in place in the UK, confusion often exists about what materials can and can’t be recycled in which areas.

The ‘Home Recycling Challenge’ was delivered into schools and introduces homework activities to help cut through the confusion and increase recycling rates in the home.


To deliver a campaign that engages children, young people and their families in a homework activity that incorporates a fun and innovative ‘recycling locator’ tool explaining what can and can’t be recycled in their homes.

Using popular Wastebuster characters and exciting celebrity children’s TV presenters (CBeebies Maddie Moate and Blue Peter’s Gethin Jones) to increase children’s engagement and explore pester power as a motivation for families to engage in the activities to support attitudes and behaviour change towards recycling.

  • 3 (Recycle now Schools/ Recycle now with Busta/ UN World Environment Day Plastic Planet Challenge 2018)
  • 8,000 schools
  • circa 1.3 million+ video views
  • circa 2.4 million children

Social Media Activity

  • 437,739
  • 31,646
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